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Symbols & Emblems of Holguin

The population of the county of Holguin conserves in its collective memory exceptional patrimonial goods, fruits of its creation starting from a historical long process.

This process started for more than ten thousand years ago for the first human groups that inhabited the territory, and continuous until what is today the town of Holguin that, recognized in them, in their chore it recaptures them and transformed into Symbols they define their own personality and they identify to the territory inside the diversity national cultural in Cuba.

These symbols are part of the values of the traditional culture and they are constituted by peculiarities of the territory of Holguin, worthy personalities and manifestations of its idiosyncrasy, and facts and historical places that represent Holguin in all the environments of alone to be mentioned.

Among the symbols y emblems in Holguin City we can name: