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La Cruz's Party (Party of La Cruz de Mayo)

La Cruz's Party was carried out alone in ballrooms, May 1 in the establishment of El Mocho, La Palma, in the coastal municipality of Rafael Freyre, to about 35 kilometers to the north of Holguin, already in the beginnings of the XX century.

The religious of La Cruz's Party consisted on the visit to the hermitage to light candles to the virgin, because the rest of the activities had lay character. Generally, they began after 2 o’clock in the afternoon with the celebration of different games and competitions.

La Cruz's Party took place in the old neighborhood of Auras (today Floro Pérez), 15 kilometers to the north of Holguin City, and it took place between the May 1 and May 3, in the streets, the park of the town and the societies, from the beginnings of the XX century. People of the near places comes in automobiles, carts, to horse or by rail.

The first day (May 1) were carried out a verbena, May 2 were Las Flores' Dance, where the women should be adorned with flowers or to carry the same ones, and May 3 were adorned The Santa Cruz and it was carried out a procession for the principal streets of the town. That day, also, the believers paid made and completed promises in the parish of Jesus del Monte, one of the oldest of the county of Holguin.